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The NEEM Tree

Wonders of the Neem Tree 

Neem, an evergreen and native to the sub-continent, is a fast-growing hardy and drought resistant tree that can reach a height of 15–20 metres (49–66 ft), and sometimes to 35–40 metres (115–130 ft). The branches are wide spread. The fairly dense crown is roundish or ovular and may reach a diameter of 15–20 metres (49–66 ft) in old, free-standing specimens.

Normally Neem thrives in areas with sub-arid to sub-humid conditions, with an annual rainfall between 400 and 1200 mm. Neem can grow in many different types of soil, but it thrives best on well drained deep and sandy soils. It is a typical tropical to subtropical tree and exists at annual mean temperatures between 21-32 °C. It can tolerate high to very high temperatures but does not tolerate very low temperatures.
A single tree can yield up to 50 kg fruit (National Academy of Sciences 1992) and may live over 150 years. Duke (1993) estimates annual productivity of 2-21 tons/ha. Seeds of the Neem tree contain approximately 20 to 45% oil.

According to a USDA reports miniscule doses of Neem extract protected plant leaves from disease and from being devoured by beetles. Wheat, barley, rice, sugar cane, tomatoes, cotton and chrysanthemums were protected from insect damage for 10 weeks after 1% Neem dust was applied to the soil in which the plants were growing. This systemic protection persisted despite heavy rains.


Called by many names for its proven medicinal qualities- 'Divine Tree', 'Village Pharmacy', 'Heal All' and 'Natures Drugstore', the Neem tree can cure as many as forty different diseases. Please ask your Doctor for advises on dosage etc.

Neem has been found to reduce the insulin requirements by as much as 50% without altering the blood glucose levels.

Blood diseases
Neem cleanses the blood, stimulates antibody protection and strengthens the immune system which improves the bodies resistance to disease.

Mouth infections
Used as a mouth wash it treats infections, mouth ulcers, bleeding sore gums and helps prevent tooth decay.

This disease is treated by mixing 30 ml of Neem juice with 15 ml of honey, taken on an empty stomach for seven days.

Burning sensations
These and excessive sweating are treated by taking a glass of milk with 5 to 10 drops of Neem -before going to sleep.

This is treated by using pure Neem oil as nasal drops.

Ear aches
A few drops of warm Neem oil is usually applied to give instant relief.

These are removed by massaging Neem oil into the scalp, left on over night and then washed away the next morning.

Other benefits
Neem detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system. It also helps in the treatment of Acne, Psoriasis, Influenza, gastritis, indigestion, heartburn, Athletes foot, hemorrhoids, hair loss, blood poisoning, chicken pox, Pink eyes, headaches and much else.